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Secure Networks ITC is leader among cyber security companies in Charlotte. Knowing how data protection is important to safely run your business we created special Managed Security Plan.

Plan includes 24/7 monitoring and proactive cyber security protection of servers, desktops and all units connected to office network. From email filtering, spam prevention, anti-virus protection, backup and disaster recovery – our cyber security specials got you covered. Get fixed pricing for desktop, network and server protection.

Protect users, processes and technology with unique cybersecurity defense from all known and unknown vulnerabilities. Let us create rock solid office network, prevent possible attack and take care of the weakest chain in IT system.

Learn more below about cyber security protection we offer or request call and find the best way to secure your business digital assets.


Anti-Virus Protection

Long gone are the days where you could only play it safe by visiting only a certain type of websites. Malicious software has spread throughout our digital world, lurking in every corner. Your flash drive or email can be compromised. Even your computer might lead you to believe that you are visiting website, but in fact are being routed to a bogus one that will still your data.

That is the reason we always recommend Anti-Virus software. There are many different ones that have free versions and can be quite good, but you are not searching for a good enough solution, are you? You want your computer to be protected at all times and feel comfortable in opening just about anything. Sounds like utopia? Well not exactly. Most of the top Anti-Virus solutions like BitDefender or Avira are pretty close to that utopia. Blocking bogus websites, cutting down the malware email and eliminating virus apps from your computer.



Ransomware is the nastiest and most evil type of malware. It encrypts your entire system and often spreads throughout your network by encrypting shared folder and servers. Once the encryption is completed, you will be asked to pay for the release of your data. Often times, no matter how much you pay for it, you will never get it back.

Embracing a proactive approach and installing one of many endpoint or professional versions of Anti-Virus will include Anti-Ransomware protection, delivering another layer of security. Ransomware will simply bounce off the shield in place!


NIST and HIPAA security compliancy

With the ever-increasing problem of identity theft and overall sensitive data theft, a compliancy was set in place which is a requirement for hospitals and companies working directly with the government. HIPAA compliancy and NIST are very similar and have a goal to increase the overall security of the data that your system is holding.

One of the easier way of reaching the compliancy is going with the cloud services for all your important apps. For example, with email servers your will have to have an anti-spam solution in place to stop malware from spreading along with firewall to block all possible breaches to your network. With Office 365 you might not need such a heavy security as it already has a lot of these measures built in. It is very similar with other apps. For example, if you are running a hospital you would have to have an app that would hold patience charts. That kind of app would have to be completely encrypted and protected. Going with a 3rd party vendor would be advisable.


Biometric Security and Camera Systems

Increase security of your system by stopping remote outside access is just a part of the overall safety of your data. Physical security is something that a lot of companies overlook, believing that a direct access to their system would be unlikely.

First line of defense would be installing a good camera system. Most of thefts would be set off by just seeing a camera mounted on the wall and thus decrease the chance of a breach even further.

The second line of defense would be employing biometric locks for your server or even requiring a form of biometric security for computer access as well. Having a greater number of hurdles that a hacker would have to overcome, while increase the overall security.



And of course, the last line of defense is a good backup. If your data gets encrypted or deleted, a backup would allow you to quickly restore it. Or even if your server gets damaged, quick restore would decrease downtimes.

Having a physical backup on site along with a cloud backup will ensure that your data will never get lost.

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